Discount Codes

Shisha Goat provides discounts if you buy in bulk. The following are some of our discount codes.

ALFAKHER: Will be automatically discounted: Al Fakher 10 for $70.00**

ARYEN: $20.00 off if you buy 10 packs of Aryen Flavour (10 for $60.00)

ALWAHA: $10.00 off if you buy 10 packs of Al Waha Flavour (10 for $70.00)


These discount codes need to be manually added to your order on the checkout page. If you forget to enter this in, you needn't worry. We will contact you and arrange a compensation for you in extra flavours worth the value of the discount that was not applied. 

These discounts will not be applied if you decide to mix and match flavours from different brands. If you want to mix and match, give us a call:

If you apply the discount codes on non eligible products, we will cancel and refund your whole order.


**Excludes Al Fakher Fusion Range